Eric I. Hassid, M.D. is the founder and medical director of the Institute for Restorative Health.  Dr. Hassid received his medical degree from George Washington University and completed his neurology residency with the United States Army.  He also completed a rehabilitation neurology fellowship at UCLA.  Dr. Hassid has extensive continuing education in the area of functional medicine and is board certified in neurology as well as anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Dr. Hassid is published in leading medical journals and neurology textbooks.  He is also the author of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.  (Click Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine to learn more about the book.)

Dr. Hassid is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, the Institute for Functional Medicine, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.Dr. Hassid recently worked for Sutter West Medical Group, The Permanente Medical Group and the United States Army Medical Corps, where he was instrumental in developing interdisciplinary neurological rehabilitation, motor control management and pain management programs.

Dr. Hassid's professional interests include functional neurology and anti-aging medicine.  Even with his very full schedule, Dr. Hassid always finds time for his number one passion-- his wonderful wife and three children.

"My many years of practicing medicine have taught me that true healing occurs from the client more so than from the health care provider. The role of the health care team is to engage, educate, and empower the client in order to facilitate a path to optimal health. Such a task requires the participation and cooperative efforts of a variety of disciplines, traditional and complimentary, in an interdisciplinary fashion all of whom must have a common vision and message that permeates throughout the patient's journey to better health. I believe that this concept is the cornerstone of modern day disease management and functional optimization. This vision led me to the inception of the Institute for Restorative Health."